Durstons Product Range

a specially
blend of
organic materials
from renewable sources,
benefitting the environment
by enabling the reduction of
the use of peat and producing
a long-lasting nutrient boost
when growing your plants.



Durston Brochure

Durstons is both a manufacturer of growing media and supplier of
complementary gardening products. Its reputation for quality and service is recognised throughout the United Kingdom.


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Multi-Purpose Compost

Multi-Purpose Compost

This Premium Quality product contains essential plant nutrients and wetting agent, blended for water absorption, aeration and drainage. Ideal for all gardening uses.


Size 10L - 240 per pallet

Size 20L - 140 per pallet
Size 40L - 70 per pallet
Size 50L - 65 per pallet



Multi-Purpose Compost with Added John InnesMulti-Purpose Compost with John Innes

Creates the ideal growing conditions with a blend of highest quality growing media. Added John Innes helps to retain water for longer and also to assist re-wetting compost if it is allowed to dry out.


Size 25L - 120 per pallet

Size 50L - 65 per pallet



Durstons Multi-Purpose Compost Peat FreeMulti-Purpose Compost Peat Free

An eco-friendly compost produced entirely from renewable sources reducing the impact on the environment.


Size 40L - 70 per pallet




Durstons Bulb Fibre CompostBulb Fibre Compost

A specially formulated reducedpeat blend to ensure bulbs bloom and thrive inside and out. With added charcoal and oyster shell to keep the compost fresh.


Size 20L - 140 per pallet



Durstons Ericaceous Compost

Ericaceous Compost

A special formula of compost for acid-loving plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and Heathers.


Size 40L - 70 per pallet

Size 60L - 55 per pallet



Seed & Cutting Compost Seed & Cutting Compost

A fine compost ideal for growing seeds and cuttings. Contains sufficient nutrients to enable seed germination and to grow until ready to prick out and for young cuttings while they root.


Size 20L - 140 per pallet



Tub & Basket CompostTub & Basket Compost

With additional wetting agent to promote vigorous growth even in hot or windy conditions. Ideal for all container planting.


Size 40L - 70 per pallet

Size 60L - 55 per pallet



Durstons Rose, Tree & Shrub CompostRose, Tree & Shrub Compost

A scientific blend of peat free materials, specially formulated for the planting of Roses, Trees or Shrubs which require assistance for longer lasting performance.


Size 50L - 65 per pallet



Manor Farm Multi-Purpose CompostManor Farm
Multi-Purpose Compost

This Great Value product actively promotes healthy growth by providing all the nutrients your seeds, cuttings, young plants, shrubs, flowers and vegetables need to establish themselves.


Size 50L - 65 per pallet






Durstons Grow In The Bag



An extra large growing bag with added fertiliser ideal for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and salad crops.


88 per pallet


Durstons Grow Bag


Grow Bag

With added fertiliser, ideal for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and salad crops.


100 per pallet